Hello my fellow sage souls,

I am a mother of contradictions, bookworm, and aspiring aesthete based in west London, this is my little space to muse about things I truthfully know very little about, but love very much. Interiors, books, food, fashion – my aim is to record anything jolly, moments or experiences of beauty that cause me to catch my breath.

So this is Sage & Fable, a sweet place to swing by to gaze at things that bring joy.

It is a series of thoughts on celebrating beauty, in all its unexpected forms. It would be heavenly fun to revel together in the artisanal, the crafty and the delicious. It is also probably a place to try and capture the tiny significant moments that are peppered throughout life. In case we forget.

Shall we immerse ourselves in colourful stories, marvel at the wise counsel of others and wonder at general gorgeousness? Let’s.


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